Down By the Sea Engines - EP

by Left On Avalon

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released August 13, 2015

All songs written, recorded and performed by Zach Streitmatter

Drums on Track 6, "Down By the Sea Engines"
performed by Nathan Streitmatter

Artwork designed by Lauren Maschino



all rights reserved


Left On Avalon Midland, Michigan

Zach Streitmatter is an independent folk rock musician who blends experimental production, americana folk and a flavoring of western psychedelia to create a soundscape of the American Midwest.

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Track Name: End of the Line
Betrayal it makes you bleed
Wounds that split at the seams
Forgiveness it’s not so clean

But I’m headed for
So much more
And I’m pretty sure
It’s time to leave

Some day I’ll find my peace
But these days I want to breathe in the streets
Life is an open road

And I’m moving on
Breathing hard
Taking in the world

Leaving gives me relief
Maybe I’ll find a faith I can believe
I'll like the change of scene

And I'll find my way
And I'll learn the trade
Become remade
In the city
Track Name: Walls and Ceilings
Hello old friend
You say as it begins again
Oh not this time
Your fighting with yourself again

It shivers down your spine
It's dripping through your skull
You pray it's the final time
You let the fear take hold

Hello again
It greets you as it crawls the walls
When will it end
You swear you'll rip this demon's eyes out

Stumble through the halls
As it's black goo drips from ceilings tall
You're losing hold again
Stay grounded in
Where you are

Today you win
You'll stare it in the eyes
You're no one's fool
Don't believe the lies

Well I know you're not blind
So stare it in those
empty hollow eyes
Track Name: Appalachian Mts.
Driving through the mountains
Staring at the pines
In the sunlit beauty
Can see the divine

An ocean of salt
Shells become sand
Everything rots
Eaten by the land

The sun it rises orange gold
Above the foggy land
Shadows unfold

You can't escape beauty
You can't escape my

A Mountains an empire

Marred by men with money
Burned for the industry
Till there's
Track Name: Get Out
Can you get out
of your heart
Can you get out
of your mind

Can you get out
of your stuff
Can you get out
of your life

Can get out
And see the world
Can you love more
Than just yourself

Can you stretch past
A beam of light
Can you go deeper
than the ocean

Can you be more
than just a man
Can you become
a grain of sand
Track Name: Down By the Sea Engines
Down, down by the engines
I hear a voice singin’ to me

Down, down by the water
Where the waves scream at me

There, there at the corner
They’re gonna try to drown me

Here, here at the ocean
I lay it all at your feet

But fears, fears they are coming
They’re coming up, to my knees

The end, the engines of war
They’re gearing up to be set free

All hell, is coming after me

Can, I keep my head above water
Or will they smother me

Run, running’s no way
To live a life, set free

Shore, I need the shoreline
That’s all I got to believe

Down, by the engines
Down, by the engines
Down by the thundering engines
Can I believe